The Different Kinds of Wedding Accessories

Published: 14th May 2012
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So here is a rough list of wedding accessories that need to be included on your wedding day from the accessories that go with the bridal gown to wedding disposable cameras to wedding favour boxes.
Of course, the most important to the bride will always be her dress and accessories. These include shoes, veil, tiara or headpieces, garter, handbag or purse, gloves and jewellery. In choosing these items remember that you will want to use them after the wedding except for certain items you want to preserve as mementos of your wedding day. More than shoe fashion or styles always consider comfort first because ceremonies and receptions tend to be really long. Great comfort and style is the key. Also, include items that can come in handy if the weather changes such as a coat, a parasol and a wrap or stole.
The groom has a few accessories that go with his tux or coat and tie. These may include a tie, a bow, socks and cufflinks. Again, only purchase what you will be reusing afterwards.
Items for the ceremony usually include wedding bands, wedding vows, jewellery gifts for kids, unity candles and other ceremonial candles, candle holders, flower girl basket, ring bearer pillow, guest books and pen sets, flowers, aisle runner, pew ribbons, and religious items for religious ceremonies. Most of these items will be kept as a remembrance of your wedding day so make sure that it truly appeals to you. You still want to appreciate these items thirty or fifty years after. In fact, these items can still be used later on if you would like to renew your vows.
Stationery accessories include invitations, reply cards, location maps, programme, place cards and place card holders, menu, thank you cards, envelope seals, printed napkins and stamps. These items are usually only used once but these can still be recycled and turned into handicrafts.
Floral accessories may include the bouquet of bride, maid of honour and bridesmaids, flower girl basket, corsages, boutonnieres, floral arrangements, centrepieces and cake table decorations. Usually, fresh flowers are used for bouquets, flower girl baskets, corsages and boutonnieres. Artificial flowers can be used for floral arrangements, centrepieces and other decorations. Artificial flowers can be recycled as part of decorations for your home and whenever you want to host your own parties or events.
There are many accessories that are used for the reception. These usually include a guest book and pen set, champagne goblets or flutes, wedding cake toppers, a cake server set, table covers or table linen, table bouquet centrepieces or floral arrangements, gifts for attendants, wedding favours, bells, ribbons, balloons and other decorations. Utensils, glassware, kitchenware and table linen may a great addition for home use. If you find them to fancy for regular use, these may also be used for other special occasions. Remember to always pick something you will want to use even after your wedding. Other than design, think also of quality. You will always want to purchase items that can last even with regular use. On the other hand, decorations such as fairy lights, bells and ribbons can be of great use during holidays where you decorate your home like Christmas. For wedding favours, it is best to opt for a token of appreciation that will actually be useful to your guests such as a key chain or a letter opener. Generally, you would not like to spend for something that will be stored away somewhere only to be forgotten. It is also safe to opt for wedding favours that are edible such as cakes, sugared almonds, chocolate truffles, cookies or other confection. Remember, to only pick favours that your guests will truly appreciate. You alone know them best so you are in the best position to decide on this.
There are many more wedding accessories that one can think of such as wedding disposable cameras to capture happy and romantic moments of your wedding day and wedding favour boxes that contain delicious confections. One article alone is not enough to cover them all. To be most prepared for your upcoming wedding day, create a checklist of accessories you need and as you remember other accessories add them to the list. Remember that a well prepared bride is one who gets to make her fairytale wedding come true.

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