Staying Glamorous With Stargazer Makeup

Published: 15th November 2011
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Stargazer makeup started in 1978 with a stall in the Great Gear Market on Kings Road in London. Kings Road was then the hub of punk and gothic fashion which still remains to be the inspiration for many Stargazer products today. Although the company is still based in Croydon, a small town in South London, they have long expanded their target market by venturing into department stores. Today, many of their products are often featured in fashion magazines like Vogue. Their products include temporary and semi-permanent hair colour, liquid foundation, body paint, glitter makeup, loose and pressed powder, eye liners, eye shadows, lip gloss, lipsticks, UV face paint and many more.
Now, to achieve a glamorous look, let us talk about makeup trends for the spring and summer seasons of 2011. The summer 2011 look is a more natural look that aims for lighter colour palettes while avoiding heavy foundation. It is time to use brighter colours that enhance bolder lips. While smoky eyes are still in, re-introduce them by mixing them with coloured eye shadow. This is the season to show off flawless skin, bright eyes and kissable lips. Do not be afraid to experiment with different eye shadows or better yet, layer them. Bright red and orange lips are still in. So there are two important assets to place on display this season, eyes and lips. However, still follow the makeup rule that less is more. This only means that if you have gone heavy on your eyes, then take it easy on your lips and vice versa.
First thing is first and that means skin care. Never put on make-up without washing your face so before anything else, that is what to do. Always put on moisturizer then put on some primer or base before putting on foundation. You can skip the foundation entirely if you want to really go natural and replace it with tinted moisturizer instead. For foundation, you can use Pro Foundation from the Stargazer product line. A tip for choosing the right colour and shade of foundation is that it should blend naturally with your skin tone and when testing it, it should almost disappear when it reaches your neckline. Never test it on your hand because the colour of your face and your hand will not always be the same. The best way to put on a foundation evenly is by applying it with a foundation brush or your fingers. Pat your face with a piece of tissue paper to remove excess oils and foundation.
Now do your eyes. Again, put on primer over your eyelids and below your eyes for a better finish and staying power. Put on a base now, this can be your foundation or a specific base for eye shadows. Apply your eye shadow. It is best to stick to warmer tones like orange and yellow for a summer look. Otherwise, use Stargazer black cake eyeliner to achieve a smoky eye look. Use a wet angled brush to apply your eyeliner and blend it in with a cotton swab. Do the same for your bottom lash line. Then apply another coat of eyeliner on your upper and lower lash lines. The colour that you smudge does not have to be all black. You can use other dark shades like brown and grey.
Next, apply your lipstick. Only use reds and oranges if you have light or no eye makeup otherwise it is best to use a nude lipstick if you have smoky eyes. The reason for this is you should only draw attention to one asset, not both. To achieve bold lips, apply concealer to the edges of your lips before you apply your lipstick. Then you can use a lip liner to follow the shape of your lips or a lip brush. Fill in with your lipstick and clamp your mouth onto a piece of tissue paper for a matt effect. Apply gloss only at the centre of your lips so you do not risk smudging the edges of your mouth since red and orange tend to get messy.
To finish your look, dust your face with Stargazer loose powder.
There are also a lot you can do with other Stargazer makeup products such as glitter makeup and UV face paint. Try and experiment with them to achieve your own custom look.

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