Modern Methods On How To Find UK Postcodes And Phone Numbers

Published: 02nd April 2012
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Finding the exact postal code in the UK is important especially when you are sending a package, letter or parcels. Some places might share the same names so the postcode will serve as the identification of the area.

Here are some of the best methods which tell you how to find UK postcodes:

1. Online residential directories

If you the address or the telephone number but do not have the postcode, make sure you seek the help of online residential directories. These directories offer complete information on addresses, phone numbers and postcodes of over eighty percent of the households in the UK. If you are finding UK postcodes, you will definitely find it here.

In addition to postcodes, you can also do telephone number search here. This should be a great tool to locate the person you are sending a parcel to via phone. In case you need last minute instructions when delivering the parcel, you can do this search in online residential directories.

2. Use a mail postcode finder.

If you are shipping an item and this dilemma faces you, you can check out the official website of the shipping company. Their website usually has a postcode finder feature. It beats checking out the white pages. You can access the website in mere minutes and make use of the search tool with just a click of a button. You can also use telephone number search to learn the postcode of the area. Just key in the telephone number of the person you are sending the parcel to and the area code should be placed there. Use this as your guide in finding the postcodes.

3. VoIP applications

VoIP applications and their built in search tools are like your modern day white pages. You do not only get to do telephone number search here. You can also use this to find postcodes of people in the UK or all over the world.

What you should do is sign up for a VoIP application account. You can download the software to your computer or your smartphone. Once you have created an account, you can begin your search. Narrow it down to the country you are searching such as the United Kingdom and it will give a list of the postcodes in the country. You can also indicate the person you are looking for here if you need to find their postcode. Just type the name of the person. If the person used his or her complete name, you should be able to find their complete address details here.

4. Search engines

It is highly doubtful that the previous methods will fail you in finding the postcodes you are looking for but just in case you still cannot find it, you can use search engines. Search engines can pretty much search for anything, hence its name. What you do is type in the address in the search box and hit the search button. You should be able to find a full list of information that will contain the postcode you are looking for.

5. Maps optimisation

SEO tools such as Google maps actually make great searching tool. They can even be used to search for restaurants or organisations. You can use the maps to locate the vicinity of the residential area you are sending it to. It offers complete information on the residential area and that should include the postcode you are looking for.

These simple but effective methods really come handy during those days when you are in a hurry to send a parcel or you want to give a surprise gift to someone and you need the uk postcodes to compete the details. But these methods are also generally effective in finding just about anyone you want to find in the UK. If you have loved ones, cousins, aunts and uncles you have not gotten in touch with for years and you want to bridge the gap, you should consider using these methods in finding where they live and getting to know their telephone number. If you have friends from high school or elementary you have not seen since you graduated and you are curious as to what their life is like now, give them a call. Find their number in online white pages. Choose online residential directories that will allow telephone number search.

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