Cinelli Bikes - A Potted History and Review

Published: 06th December 2011
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Cinelli bikes are an Italian brand of cycles. They are the brainchild of Cino Cinelli, a world class Italian cyclist who wanted to create a brand of cycles that offer outstanding performance. Cinelli himself was a professional cyclist for seven years. He won many of the most famous and well respected races in Europe including the Tour of the Apennines in 1937, Giro di Lombardia in 1938 and San Remo in 1943. He was always interested in not just the cycling itself but also in the mechanics of bicycles.

He was constantly thinking of ways to improve the bikes themselves and had some innovative ideas that he wanted to share. Bike manufacturers of the time however were not keen to implement his ideas. Not wanting to give up he instead decided to launch his own brand of cycles incorporating various new innovations. The brand of cycle we know today was born. Still to this day Cinelli bikes are synonymous with innovation and quality. They offer a lot to cyclists in terms of performance and comfort too.

Cinelli introduced many of the features of modern cycling to the market. Did you know that modern handlebars, foot clips and quick release pedals are all attributed to Cinelli? He was a true pioneer for cycling and cyclists and has contributed a huge amount to the sport. Cinelli sold the company in 1978 to Antonio Colombo who at the time owned a steel tubing company. Cinelli the brand however has continued to grow and today many of the top professionals around the world use these bikes. In fact Cinelli bikes have 28 gold medals to its name from various world championships and of course the Olympics.

The company continued to shift and change and in 1997 became jointly owned between Colombus and a division of Gruppo SpA. While many other cycle brands have expanded their line to include a broad range of cycling equipment and products, Cinelli has always stayed true to its original objective - to provide the very best racing bikes and equipment. Cinelli is to bikes what Ferrari is to cars. There are a few different kinds of bikes made by Cinelli but each one has been built using unique technology and innovative ideas. The bikes range from light aluminum frames to carbon fibre varieties. Although the frames are light, they are amongst the most durable and high performing on the market.

It is even possible to purchase a Cinelli frame separately so you can create your very own cycle to your exact specifications. Anyone who tries a Cinelli bike never goes back! The best place to purchase you Cinelli bike or accessories is online. Here you can find some excellent deals and great prices. With delivery straight to your door and an easy and safe payment method, nothing could be easier.

When choosing your Cinelli bikes it is important that you talk to knowledgeable staff about your requirements so that you end up with the perfect model for you. Choose a website therefore that specialises in Cinelli cycles. That way you can be sure you are getting the very best advice and accurate information. If you want to talk to a member of staff you can either make a phone call or send a quick email. Another good thing about buying your bike online is that you can pick up a range of other cycle equipment at the same time. Cheap cycle clothing, LED bike lights and plenty more besides will be available. If you are in need of a new bike then you cannot go wrong with a Cinelli model. They are light weight, durable and will last a long time. They have been especially designed with you the rider in mind.

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